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Approaches to Teaching the Arthurian Tradition

Editor(s): Maureen Fries, Jeanie Watson

Pages: xi & 195 pp.
Published: 1992
ISBN: 9780873527026

"It is a testimony to the usefulness of this latest entry in the MLA's Approaches to Teaching World Literature series that in the course of writing this review, I created or revised syllabi for three courses, at the introductory, upper undergraduate, and graduate levels. . . . [This] book is an important resource for . . . teachers of Arthurian material."

The casebound edition of this title is out of print.

In Approaches to Teaching the Arthurian Tradition, instructors who have taught Arthurian material in contexts from high school to graduate school draw on their experience to address a range of challenges: Where does one begin a course that embraces the most important continuous tradition of British literary history? Which works from which periods and countries should one include? What kinds of background sources in mythology and Celtic tradition are most helpful? What is the place of history, art, music, or film in such a course?

This volume, like others in the Approaches series, is divided into two parts. "Materials" surveys editions of medieval and modern texts and anthologies and highlights reference works, supplemental readings, and aids to teaching. "Approaches" contains twenty-five essays on teaching Arthuriana. Topics include background studies, interdisciplinary courses, major authors (e.g., Chrètien de Troyes, Gottfried, Wolfram, Malory, and Tennyson), and specific pedagogical approaches such as teaching the Arthurian tradition through film, popular culture, and archaeology.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching the Arthurian Tradition

Maureen Fries

Texts for Teaching
Medieval Works
Modern Works
Readings for Students and Instructors
Reference Works
Primary Sources
Studies of the Arthurian Literary Tradition
Literary Contexts
History, Archaeology, Anthropology
Serial Publications
Aids to Teaching



The Labyrinthine Ways: Teaching the Arthurian Tradition
Maureen Fries

Teaching the Backgrounds

Teaching the King Arthur of History and Chronicle
Norris J. Lacy

Arthur and the Green World
Alan T. Gaylord

Modern Visions and Revisions of the Matter of Britain
Raymond H. Thompson

Teaching the "Hoole" Tradition

Implementing an Interdisciplinary Course
Kathryn L. Lynch

Teaching Individual Characters and Motifs
Joseph McClatchey

Teaching the "Hoole" Tradition through Parallel Passages
Jay Ruud

The World of King Arthur: An Interdisciplinary Course
Thomas Kelly and Thomas Ohlgren

Teaching the Moderns in an Arthurian Course
Phillip C. Boardman

Teaching Major Authors

Translating Yvain and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight for Classroom Use
Burton Raffel

Teaching Gottfried and Wolfram
James A. Schultz

Which Malory Should I Teach?
Robert L. Kindrick

Teaching Tennyson: Idylls of the King as a Serial Poem
Linda K. Hughes

Teaching White, Stewart, and Berger
Harold J. Herman

Teaching Students at Various Levels

Teaching Arthur at a Summer Institute for Secondary School Teachers
Ruth E. Hamilton

Lignum Vitae in the Two-Year College
Mary L. Beaudry

Arthur the Great Equalizer: Teaching a Course for Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Sally K. Slocum

Malory and the Middle English Romance: A Graduate Course
George R. Keiser

Specific Approaches

Arthurian Archaeology
Paul E. Szarmach

Wagner and the Arthurian Tradition
Martin B. Shichtman

Using Nineteenth-Century Visual Arts in the Literature Classroom
Beverly Taylor

Teaching Arthurian Film
Kevin J. Harty

Arthur for Children
Muriel Whitaker

Women in Arthurian Literature
Maureen Fries

Arthuriana and Popular Culture
Mary Alice Grellner

Works Cited


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