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Approaches to Teaching Balzac's Old Goriot

Editor(s): Michal Peled Ginsburg

Pages: xi & 203 pp.
Published: 2001
ISBN: 9780873527606 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873527590 (hardcover)

"The volume is extraordinarily well-conceived and scrupulously organized. The editor has done an excellent job of recruiting well-known, respected scholars and of integrating them into a framework that addresses an audience of instructors from a wide range of fields in the humanities."
Kevin McLaughlin, author of Writing in Parts: Imitation and Exchange in Nineteenth-Century Literature

Old Goriot is not only the most read of Balzac's works but also one of the most commonly taught of all French novels. This collection of essays, as the editor says, offers "fresh interpretations that reflect on and revise the critical tradition." It thus conveys a sense of what Balzac's realist novel may mean to students and teachers more than a hudred and fifty years after its first publication.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Balzac's Old Goriot

Part 1: Materials

Editions and Translations
French Editions
English Editions

Courses and Teaching

Background Reading

Audiovisual Materials

Père Goriot's Paris: An Annotated Map

Part 2: Approaches



Le Père Goriot and La Comédie humaine: From Text to Macrotext
Eric Le Calvez

Narrate or Educate: Le Père Goriot and the Realist Bildungsroman
Claudia Brodsky Lacour

Fathers and Sons in Old Goriot: The Symbolic Dimension of Balzac's Realism
Ruth Amossy

Balzacorama: Mass Culture in Old Goriot
Dean de la Motte

Reading Social and Historical Space in Le Père Goriot's Descriptions
James H. Reid

Moral Complexity in Le Père Goriot: Balzac between Kant and Nietzsche
David R. Ellison

Balzac and the Modern City: Mapping Paris in Old Goriot
David F. Bell

Theoretical Approaches

A Narratological Approach: The Narrator in Le Père Goriot
Gerald Prince

A Feminist Approach: Realism and Its Others: Reading Bodies in Balzac's Le Père Goriot and Girardin's La Canne de M. de Balzac
Margaret Waller

Between Bodies and Texts: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Le Père Goriot
Dorothy Kelly

A Queer Theory Approach: Gender and Genre in Old Goriot
Lawrence R. Schehr

Kinship, Economics, and Queer Sexuality in Balzac's Old Goriot
Michael Lucey

A Thematic Approach: Seeing to Learn, Learning to See: Rastignac's Visual Education
John T. Booker

The Question of Style in Old Goriot
Eric Bordas

Specific Courses

Teaching Old Goriot in a Course on French Culture: Balzac's Myth of Paris Revisited
Catherine Nesci

Nuance in the Novel: Teaching Le Père Goriot in the Context of a Course on French or World Literature
Laurence M. Porter

You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover: Teaching Le Père Goriot and Modernism
Janet Beizer

Teaching Old Goriot across the Disciplines: Mapping Social and Urban Space
Sharon Marcus and Vanessa Schwartz

Works Cited

Index of Other Works by Balzac

Index of Names

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