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Approaches to Teaching British Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Editor(s): Stephen C. Behrendt, Harriet Kramer Linkin

Pages: xiii & 207 pp.
Published: 1997
ISBN: 9780873527439

"This valuable collection of essays will, I would predict, open up the teaching of women Romantic poets in exciting ways. Well written, useful, grounded in the realities of university teaching, each one of these essays presents an innovative and original way of teaching poetry that has long been shut out of the canon."
Diane Long Hoeveler, author of Romantic Androgyny: The Women Within

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Although British women poets such as Charlotte Turner Smith, Letitia Elizabeth Landon, and Felicia Hemans were influential and widely acknowledged during the Romantic period, only recently have many scholars and teachers begun to rediscover, study, and teach their verse. This exciting recovery has brought with it challenges for the instructor wishing to introduce the poets' works into the classroom: finding reliable and accessible scholarly editions, incorporating new writers into already-crowded syllabi, and dealing with entrenched notions of Romanticism. The contributors to this volume have undertaken, in the words of the editors, "the liberating and invigorating task of redrawing the landscape of Romantic poetry," and in twenty-six essays they share their experiences and their innovations.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching British Women Poets of the Romantic Period

Introduction: An Overview of the Survey
Stephen C. Behrendt

Harriet Kramer Linkin


The Instructor's Library
Reference Works
Critical Works

Recommended Reading for Students


Stephen C. Behrendt

General Issues: Approaching the Texts

Something Evermore About to Be: Teaching and Textbases
Stuart Curran

How Their Audiences Knew Them: Forgotten Media and the Circulation of Poetry by Women
Paula R. Feldman

"The Choicest Gifts of Genius": Working with and Teaching the Kohler Collection
Jane King and Kari Lokke

"In Tangled Mazes Wrought": Hypertext and Teaching Romantic Women Poets
Joel Haefner

Teaching Alien Aesthetics: The Difficulty of Difference in the Classroom
Scott Simpkins

Strategies for Replacing the Six-Poet Course
Judith Pascoe

Literature and History: Critical and Theoretical Perspectives

Distinguishing the Poetess from the Female Poet
Anne K. Mellor

Romantic Women's Poetry as Social Movement
Mary A. Favret

Women Poets and Colonial Discourse: Teaching More and Yearsley on the Slave Trade
Alan Richardson

Understanding Cultural Contexts: The Politics of Needlework in Taylor, Barbauld, Lamb, and Wordsworth
Carol Shiner Wilson

Transatlantic Cultures of Sensibility: Teaching Gender and Aesthetics through the Prospect
Julie Ellison

Staging History: Teaching Romantic Intersections of Drama, History, and Gender
Greg Kucich

The Aesthetics of Loss: Charlotte Smith's The Emigrants and Beachy Head
Kay K. Cook

Hemans's "The Widow of Crescentius": Beauty, Sublimity, and the Woman Hero
Nanora Sweet

Teaching the Poetry of Mary Tighe: Psyche, Beauty, and the Romantic Object
Harriet Kramer Linkin

Teaching Individual Poets

Men, Women, and "Fame": Teaching Felicia Hemans
Susan J. Wolfson

Charlotte Smith's Lessons
Sarah M. Zimmerman

Anna Seward, the Swan of Lichfield: Reading Louisa
Elizabeth Fay

Joanna Baillie's Poetic Aesthetic: Passion and "the Plain Order of Things"
Catherine B. Burroughs

The Milkmaid's Voice: Ann Yearsley and the Romantic Notion of the Poet
Madeleine Kahn

Specific Course Contexts and Strategies

Teaching with Annotated Editions
Stephen C. Behrendt

Introducing Felicia Hemans in the First-Year Course
Deborah Kennedy

The Appeal of the Domestic in the First-Year Course: Susanna Blamire
Becky Lewis

Gendering Subjectivity: Women Romantics in a Poetry Survey Course
Donelle R. Ruwe

Justification Strategies in the Writings of Joanna Southcott: Teaching Radical Women Poets in Conservative Institutions
Kevin Binfield

Sight, Sound, and Sense: L. E. L.'s Multimedia Productions
Glenn T. Dibert-Himes

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