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Approaches to Teaching Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury

Editor(s): Stephen Hahn, Arthur F. Kinney

Pages: xi & 173 pp.
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9780873527378

"I would definitely recommend this collection. I wish I had it when I first taught The Sound and the Fury over fifteen years ago, and, as I taught the novel this semester, I was delighted, inspired, and challenged by its plethora of resources and points of view."
Teaching Faulkner

"I found the essays overflowing with dozens of clearheaded and practical classroom strategies for making Faulkner's novel and related stories accessible and comprehensible to students. The volume is a must for all teachers of Faulkner, at whatever level."
Robert W. Hamblin, Director, Center for Faulkner Studies, Southeast Missouri State University

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The works of William Faulkner have become part of the undergraduate canon in the decades since he received the Nobel Prize in 1950. While many of Faulkner's novels and stories are assigned to high school and college students, the editors of this volume focus on The Sound and the Fury because the novel is representative of Faulkner's best writing and accessible to many levels of teaching and learning. The novel also lends itself to exploration of many topics, including biographical fiction, the decline of the Old South and the rise of the New South, the influence of American and European literary traditions, and the treatment of subjectivity and language.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Faulkner's The Sound and the Fury


Stephen Hahn and Arthur F. Kinney

Essential Materials

The Instructor's Library
Related Texts
Biographies and Biographical Materials
Letters, Public Statements, and Interviews
Handbooks, Bibliographies, and Reference Guides
Regional and Historical Studies
Photograph Collections and Illustrated Books
Specialized Studies
Periodicals and General Critical Studies
Audiovisual Resources
Documentary Resources
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"Through the Fence, between the Curling Flower Spaces": Teaching the First Section of The Sound and the Fury
Robert Dale Parker

"Trying to Say": Sound and Silence, Subject and Community in The Sound and the Fury
Arnold Weinstein

Confronting Race in Faulkner: Strategies for Answering Difficult Questions
Anthony Barthelemy

Exploring the Novel and Its Related Texts

Using Faulkner's Introduction to Teach The Sound and the Fury
Philip Cohen and Doreen Fowler

Private Writing and the Published Novel: Letters and Gifts
James G. Watson

The Compson Appendix as an Aid to Teaching The Sound and the Fury
Walter Taylor

Order and Flight: Teaching The Sound and the Fury Using the Appendix
Charles Peek

Psychological and Philosophical Approaches

Teaching The Sound and the Fury with Freud
Judith Bryant Wittenberg

Giving Jung a Crack at the Compsons
Terrell L. Tebbetts

Teaching Religion and Philosophy in The Sound and the Fury
John F. Desmond

Nihilists and Their Relations: A Nietzschean Approach to Teaching The Sound and the Fury
Jun Liu

Contextual and Comparative Approaches

History on the Margins and in the Mainstream: Teaching The Sound and the Fury in Its Southern Historical Context
Daniel J. Holtz

Contextualizing The Sound and the Fury: Sex, Gender, and Community in Modern American Fiction
John N. Duvall

Teaching The Sound and the Fury in the Context of European Modernism
Philip M. Weinstein

Teaching The Sound and the Fury as a Postimpressionist Novel
Panthea Reid

Text and Context: Teaching The Sound and the Fury after Deconstruction
John T. Matthews

Teaching The Sound and the Fury in the Faulkner Canon

"Barn Burning" and The Sound and the Fury as an Introduction to Faulknerian Style and Themes
Gail L. Mortimer

Caddy and Nancy: Race, Gender, and Personal Identity in "That Evening Sun" and The Sound and the Fury
Louise K. Barnett

Teaching Narrative as Meaning in "A Justice" and The Sound and the Fury
Arthur F. Kinney

"A Rose for Emily": The Faulknerian Construction of Meaning
Claudia Clausius

Desires Become Words: A Formal and Thematic Approach to Teaching "Dry September" and The Sound and the Fury
Stephen Hahn

Works Cited

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