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Teaching Early Modern English Literature from the Archives
E-books: Apple Kindle Kobo Nook “The volume brilliantly combines the visionary and the pragmatic and is a gold mine of great ideas about how to engage students in the production... more info

Editor(s): Heidi Brayman Hackel, Ian Frederick Moulton

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Teaching the Latin American Boom
“The attention to the framing of the Boom makes this volume more than just a study of the Boom; it stretches to cover a great... more info

Editor(s): Lucille Kerr, Alejandro Herrero-Olaizola

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Teaching the African Novel
"This is an important book, one that is going to become an indispensable theoretical and practical guide for teachers of the African novel and indeed of African literature in general."... more info

Editor(s): Gaurav Desai

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Teaching Anglophone Caribbean Literature
“This volume offers the necessary coverage, the range of critical approaches, and the practical instruction that will make it very useful to anyone teaching the subject . . . a... more info

Editor(s): Supriya M. Nair

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Teaching British Women Playwrights of the Restoration and Eighteenth Century
"This book will be an extremely useful guide to instructors trying to bring these plays and this period into their teaching, and even their research." John O’Brien, University of Virginia... more info

Editor(s): Bonnie Nelson, Catherine Burroughs

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Teaching Children's Literature
The thirteen essays that make up the first part of Teaching Children's Literature highlight issues of canon, pedagogy, genre, and period. ... more info

Editor(s): Glenn Edward Sadler, U. C. Knoepflmacher, consultant ed.

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Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates
Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates shows readers how theory can, in the words of William E. Cain, enable teachers and students "to illuminate anew the structure of texts, to write... more info

Editor(s): Dianne F. Sadoff, William E. Cain

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Teaching Early Modern English Prose
"This volume is full of wonderful, promising, intriguing suggestions, which I will gladly borrow for my own teaching." Debora Shuger, University of California, Los Angeles "It is hard to imagine... more info

Editor(s): Susannah Brietz Monta, Margaret W. Ferguson

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Teaching Film
“An invaluable resource not only for those new to teaching film but for those of us who have been working in the discipline for a long time and have grappled... more info

Editor(s): Lucy Fischer, Patrice Petro

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Teaching French Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation
"An excellent volume of essays on an increasingly important topic of research and instruction." Edwin M. Duval, Yale University Teaching French Women Writers of the Renaissance and Reformation considers... more info

Editor(s): Colette H. Winn

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Teaching the Graphic Novel
"Professors and teachers thinking of introducing graphic narratives in their courses, or of creating a dedicated class for this popular genre, will do well to consult it and profit from... more info

Editor(s): Stephen E. Tabachnick

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Teaching Italian American Literature, Film, and Popular Culture
"This journey through the diverse and varied legacy of the Italian American experience constitutes an innovative tool and resource guide for many other fields and disciplines." Simona Zecchi, i-Italy... more info

Editor(s): Edvige Giunta, Kathleen Zamboni McCormick

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Teaching Law and Literature
"Students in undergraduate humanities courses will benefit from studying the way legal realities help shape and inform literary works. Law teachers may usefully assign chapters from the text to explore... more info

Editor(s): Austin Sarat, Cathrine O. Frank, Matthew Anderson

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Teaching Life Writing Texts
"Howes and Fuchs have spanned a remarkable breadth in terms of where their writers come from, the sorts of schools they teach in, and the life writing issues on which... more info

Editor(s): Miriam Fuchs, Craig Howes

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Teaching Literature and Language Online
"Technology has progressed from what some might have thought was a passing fad to occupy center stage in many English and foreign language departments. This is a very rich set... more info

Editor(s): Ian Lancashire

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Teaching Literature and Medicine
Courses in literature and medicine flourish in undergraduate, medical school, and continuing-education programs throughout the United States and Canada. This volume presents a variety of approaches to the subject. ... more info

Editor(s): Anne Hunsaker Hawkins, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre

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Teaching Literature and Other Arts
Focusing primarily on undergraduate teaching, this collection of eighteen pioneering essays describes courses interweaving literature with music and the visual arts. Each essay is supplemented by a syllabus of the... more info

Editor(s): Jean-Pierre Barricelli, Joseph Gibaldi, Estella Lauter

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Teaching the Literatures of Early America
In this era of shifting geopolitical boundaries, numerous books and articles question what "American" literature is, what "the literary" is, and how what is called early American literature can best... more info

Editor(s): Carla Mulford

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Teaching Narrative Theory
"Simply one of the most coherent and engaging academic books I’ve read in a good while." Garrett Stewart, University of Iowa The last two decades have seen a burst... more info

Editor(s): David Herman, Brian McHale, James Phelan

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Teaching Nineteenth-Century American Poetry
"This volume argues very powerfully that nineteenth-century American poetry encompasses much more than Whitman and Dickinson. This is an indispensable book and will be useful to both new and experienced... more info

Editor(s): Paula Bernat Bennett, Karen L. Kilcup, Philipp Schwieghauser

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Teaching North American Environmental Literature
"More than a study of nature writing, this collection of essays examines the influences that have shaped the field, such as African American, American Indian, Canadian, and Chicano literature." Book... more info

Editor(s): Laird Christensen, Mark C. Long, Fred Waage

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Teaching Oral Traditions
Research is beginning to unearth the astounding wealth of oral traditions that have served as a vital cultural activity and verbal art for peoples throughout the world, from antiquity to... more info

Editor(s): John Miles Foley

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Teaching the Representation of the Holocaust
"Can the story be told?" Jorge Semprun asked after his liberation from Buchenwald. The question is addressed from many angles in this volume of essays on teaching about the Holocaust. ... more info

Editor(s): Marianne Hirsch, Irene Kacandes

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Teaching Representations of the Spanish Civil War
"This volume is extremely valuable, not only for those contemplating teaching a course related to the Spanish Civil War (on either the war or any aspect of Spanish culture since... more info

Editor(s): Noël Valis

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Teaching Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century French Women Writers
"This collection of essays provides a wealth of information on how to teach women authors in a variety of courses. The usefulness and the fascinating content of this book realize... more info

Editor(s): Faith E. Beasley

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Teaching Shakespeare through Performance
Teaching Shakespeare through Performance is designed for teachers of both high school and college English courses who wish to introduce performance strategies into their classroom. ... more info

Editor(s): Milla Cozart Riggio

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Teaching Tudor and Stuart Women Writers
Teaching Tudor and Stuart Women Writers summarizes the latest scholarship on British women writers who lived from roughly 1500 to 1700 and suggests strategies for presenting their works in the... more info

Editor(s): Susanne Woods, Margaret P. Hannay

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Teaching World Literature
"This book should be very helpful for anyone teaching literature that crosses regional, cultural or historical boundaries and who wants to take the issues inevitably involved in such breadth seriously."... more info

Editor(s): David Damrosch

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