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Assessment of Writing
Politics, Policies, Practices

Editor(s): Edward M. White, William D. Lutz, Sandra Kamusikiri

Pages: ix & 338 pp.
Published: 1996
ISBN: 9780873525824 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873525817 (hardcover)

"As a whole the book stands as the most accurate portrayal to date of the way the discipline handles writing assessment."
Assessing Writing

Twenty-two essays focus on how policies shape practices in writing assessment and how practices are intertwined with politics.

Table of Contents


Part I: Political and Legal Issues

Power and Agenda Setting in Writing Assessment
Edward M. White

Writing Assessment in Florida: A Reminiscence
Gordon Brossell

Legal Issues in the Practice and Politics of Assessment in Writing
William D. Lutz

Response: Why Do We Test Writing?
John Trimbur

Part II: Validity and Reliability

The Politics of Validity
Maurice Scharton

Essay Reliability: Form and Meaning
Doug Shale

Response: The Politics of Methodology
Roberta Camp

Part III: Models of Writing Assessment: Old and New

Essayist Literacy and Sociolinguistic Difference
Marcia Farr and Gloria Nardini

Writing Assessment: Do It Better, Do It Less
Peter Elbow

New Views of Measurement and New Models for Writing Assessment
Roberta Camp

Upper-Division Assessment and the Postsecondary Development of Writing Abilities
Stephen M. North

The Need for Clear Purposes and New Approaches to the Evaluation of Writing-across-the-Curriculum Programs
Gail F. Hughes

Response: Testing as Surveillance
Kurt Spellmeyer

Part IV: Issues of Inclusion and Equity

African American English and Writing Assessment: An Afrocentric Approach
Sandra Kamusikiri

Gender, Feminism, and Institution-Wide Assessment Programs
Deborah H. Holdstein

The Challenges of Second-Language Writing Assessment
Liz Hamp-Lyons

Response: Awareness of Diversity
Marcia Farr

Part V: A Look to the Future

Computer-Assisted Writing Assessment: The Politics of Science versus the Humanities
Hunter M. Breland

The Pedagogical Implications of a College Placement Portfolio
Donald A. Daiker, Jeff Sommers, and Gail Stygall

Portfolios in the Assessment of Writing: A Political Perspective
Richard L. Larson

Portfolio Approaches to Assessment: Breakthrough or More of the Same?
Sandra Murphy and Barbara Grant

Response: Assessment as a Site of Contention
Edward M. White

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