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Learning Foreign and Second Languages
Perspectives in Research and Scholarship

Editor(s): Heidi Byrnes

Pages: viii & 322 pp.
Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780873528009

"A thought-provoking combination of the theoretical and the practical. Highly recommended for all institutions with foreign language departments."

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This inaugural volume in the MLA series Teaching Languages, Literatures, and Cultures provides an overview of second language acquisition research. Is language a system of linguistic forms to be acquired by the study of grammar, or is language a means of communication, where students learn not by studying rules but by engaging straightaway in the use of language to convey meanings? Which approach is better in the classroom? The vibrant field of second language acquisition research is now carefully examining questions like these.

Written for a nonspecialized audience--for readers who share an interest in foreign language teaching and learning--Learning Foreign and Second Languages addresses both theory and methodology. Administrators, department chairs, curriculum and materials developers, teachers, and graduate students will find this collection of essays enlightening.

Table of Contents


Introduction: Steps to an Ecology of Foreign Language Departments
Heidi Byrnes

Constructing Second Language Acquisition Research in Foreign Language Departments
Claire Kramsch

Sociohistorical Perspectives on Language Teaching in the Modern United States
Elizabeth B. Bernhardt

Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, and Second Language Acquisition Theories
Thom Huebner

Approaches to Empirical Research in Instructional Language Settings
Kathleen M. Bailey

Cognitive Characteristics of Adult Second Language Learners
Bill VanPatten

Acquiring Competence in a Second Language: Form and Function
Catherine Doughty

Constraints and Resources in Classroom Talk: Issues of Equality and Symmetry
Leo van Lier

Interlanguage Pragmatics
Gabriele Kasper

The Role of Technology in Second Language Learning
Robert J. Blake

Evaluation of Learning Outcomes in Second Language Acquisition: A Multiplism Perspective
Elana Shohamy

Constructing Curricula in Collegiate Foreign Language Departments
Heidi Byrnes

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