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Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom
Pedagogical Strategies

Editor(s): Charles J. Stivale

Pages: xi & 270 pp.
Published: 2004
ISBN: 9780873528047 (hardcover)
ISBN: 9780873528054 (paperback)

"Charles Stivale and the contributors to this volume provide—along with a sense of committed teaching—numerous perspectives, approaches, and solutions to uphold the French literary tradition in our classrooms."
French Review

"Though the [book's] focus is on modern French, the innovative techniques, the classroom experiments, the choice of texts, and the use of computerized programs and Web sites can be equally useful to teachers of French in fields other than modern."
Ilinca Zarifopol-Johnston
Indiana University, Bloomington

Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom: Pedagogical Strategies investigates how teaching practices can address the changing status of literature in the French classroom. Contributors consider questions about the scope of French studies, the validity of the canon, and the viability of interdisciplinary studies to rethink the teaching of literature.

The essays collected here demonstrate strategies developed by teachers in diverse institutional settings. The first section focuses on how to choose texts that will inspire creativity in students and make a language course thrive. The second set of essays examines ways to bring culture into the study of French literature through attention to different genres and media. The challenge of teaching across disciplines is the emphasis of the third section, which explores the differences sexuality, gender, and race make in canonical and francophone literature. The final series of essays examines how to adopt these new pedagogical strategies to a variety of curricular contexts--general education, combined undergraduate and graduate classrooms, and study-abroad programs.

Table of Contents

Modern French Literary Studies in the Classroom: Pedagogical Strategies

Charles J. Stivale

Instructing Readers: Linguistic and Literary Frameworks

Using Literature to Develop Foreign Language Proficiency: Toward an Interactive Classroom
Kate Paesani

Linguistic Contexts for Studying Literary Texts
David A. Powell

Reading dans Tous les Sens: Thoughts on Teaching
Un coup de dés
Gayle A. Levy

Fostering Creativity in Literary Study
Laurence M. Porter, Anita Alkhas, and Larry Kuiper

Exploring the Cultural: Pedagogical Devices

Culturally Uncompromising
Anne E. McCall

Collaboration Matters: Sparking a Connection between French Literary and Cultural Studies
Adrianna M. Paliyenko

Teaching Notre-Dame de Paris: A Classic Case
Kathryn M. Grossman

Potential Reader, Potential Writer: Global Simulations in the French Literature Classroom
Véronique Flambard-Weisbart

Teaching in the Margins of the Nineteenth Century
John Anzalone

Teaching Tours de France
Michael Garval

Expanding Horizons: Interdisciplinary Challenges

From Jourdain to Trissotin: Speaking the Tongues of Theory
Charles J. Stivale

Loosening the Knot: Professing Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century French Studies
Garett R. Heysel

Cultural Diversity and Nineteenth-Century French Studies
Doris Y. Kadish

Sculpted Texts
Marie Lathers

French Identities in Film: An Interdisciplinary Approach to French Culture
Cynthia Running-Johnson and Judith F. Stone

Stitching the Quilt: Institutional Demands, Curricular Strategies

Shifting Contexts: Choosing Texts to Fit Institutional, Programmatic, and Individual Needs
E. Nicole Meyer

Balancing Acts: French Studies and the Graduate and Undergraduate Classroom
Deborah A. Harter

Overseas Engagements: The Presence and Futures of Study Abroad
Gayle Zachmann

French Today: The Relevance of Undergraduate French Studies, to Teachers and Their Students
Nathalie Rachlin

Globalization, the New Regionalism, and Foreign Language Studies
Melanie Hawthorne



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