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Feminism and Composition Studies
In Other Words

Editor(s): Susan C. Jarratt, Lynn Worsham

Pages: xiii & 401 pp.
Published: 1998
ISBN: 9780873525862 (paperback)
ISBN: 9780873525855 (hardcover)

The fifteen essays and six responses in this volume of the MLA's Research and Scholarship in Composition series "push the boundaries of knowledge in both feminism and composition," as the coeditor Susan C. Jarratt writes, "by exploring the productive intersections and tensions of the two." She goes on to say, "Composition at its best works against the grain of conventional institutional practices.... Both feminist inquiry and post-current-traditional composition studies/styles challenge assumptions and seek to transform ways of thinking, teaching, and learning." Both are complex, containing different agendas and different voices.

Feminism and Composition Studies: In Other Words is a feminist project that boldly places at its center differences among women. Topics discussed include American history, politics, language, racism, pedagogy, contingent labor in the teaching of writing, e-mail behavior, and the need for educational and institutional reform. Teachers, graduate students, program administrators, and feminists will find valuable the critiques, theoretical as well as personal, contained in this unusually honest and thought-provoking volume.

Table of Contents


Introduction: As We Were Saying . . .
Susan C. Jarratt

Part I: Feminisms for Composition

The Reproduction of Othering
Laura Brady

"When and Where I Enter": Race, Gender, and Composition Studies
Shirley Wilson Logan

Interrupting Our Way to Agency: Feminist Cultural Studies and Composition
Nedra Reynolds

The Costs of Caring: "Femininism" and Contingent Women Workers in Composition Studies
Eileen E. Schell

Responses to Part I

Argument and Composition
Suzanne Clark

Critiquing the "Culture" of Feminism and Composition: Toward a Red Feminism
Deborah Kelsh

Part II: Specifying Locations

Let It Pass: Changing the Subject, Once Again
Pamela L. Caughie

"Ye Are Witnesses": Pedagogy and the Politics of Identity
Wendy S. Hesford

Equivalent Students, Equitable Classrooms
Christy Desmet

Women on the Networks: Searching for E-Spaces of Their Own
Gail E. Hawisher and Patricia Sullivan

Responses to Part II

The Practice of Piece-Making: Subject Positions in the Classroom
Ellen M. Gil-Gomez

Celebrating Dis-eases of Women at Waytoofast
Margaret Morrison

Part III: Exploring Discontinuities

Riding Long Coattails, Subverting Tradition: The Tricky Business of Feminists Teaching Rhetoric(s)
Joy Ritchie and Kate Ronald

Reading and Writing Differences: The Problematic of Experience
Min-Zhan Lu

Women and Language in the Collaborative Writing Classroom
Gail Stygall

Feminist Writing Program Administration: Resisting the Bureaucrat Within
Amy Goodburn and Carrie Shively Leverenz

A Feminist Critique of Writing in the Disciplines
Harriet Malinowitz

Responses to Part III

Writing Back
Lisa Ede and Andrea Lunsford

From Principles to Particulars (and Back)
Margaret Lindgren

After Words: A Choice of Words Remains
Lynn Worsham

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