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Approaches to Teaching the Hebrew Bible as Literature in Translation

Editor(s): Barry N. Olshen, Yael S. Feldman

Pages: x & 156 pp.
Published: 1989
ISBN: 9780873525237

"For beginning teachers (especially those whose graduate training was in fields tangential to the Hebrew Bible), the bibliographic section of this book is an absolute necessity and the approaches section will offer many valuable suggestions. But even for experienced teachers, this is a recommended tool for integrating new resources into one's teaching and trying new techniques in the classroom."
Critical Review of Books in Religion

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Literary-critical approaches to the Hebrew Bible have influenced courses in secondary schools, colleges, and universities throughout North America--and courses in a variety of disciplines, including English, Hebrew, comparative literature, theology, religious studies, history, sociology, anthropology, and archaeology. Approaches to Teaching the Hebrew Bible as Literature in Translation will therefore serve many teachers, from those who wish to incorporate sections of the Bible into literature courses to those who wish to adopt interdisciplinary strategies for presenting the Bible to their students.

The volume, like others in the MLA's Approaches to Teaching World Literature series, is divided into two parts. The first part, "Materials," surveys translations and editions of the Hebrew Bible, recommended readings for students, background materials for teachers, and works of literary criticism. In the second part, "Approaches," teachers suggest ways to present the Bible in the classroom. The first three essays discuss the challenges of studying the Bible in translation and teaching the differences between Tanakh (Jewish Scriptures) and the Old Testament (Christian Scriptures). The next eight essays demonstrate the application of specific pedagogical and theoretical approaches--socioliterary, textual, feminist, comparative--to the Bible as a whole. The last eight essays suggest ways of teaching parts of the Bible, including the genealogy in Genesis, the flood story, Exodus 32, the prophetic literature, Psalm 23, Ruth, Job, and the Song of Songs.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching the Hebrew Bible as Literature in Translation

Barry N. Olshen

English Translations, Versions, and Special Editions

Required and Recommended Reading for Students

Reference, Commentary, Background, and Critical Works

Recent Literary Criticism

Aids to Teaching


Barry N. Olshen

Defining the Field of Study

It Gains a Lot in Translation
Stanley N. Rosenbaum

From Tanakh to Old Testament
Leonard L. Thompson

The Return to Tanakh
Barry N. Olshen

Pedagogical and Theoretical Perspectives

A Socioliterary Approach
Norman K. Gottwald

The Multiplication of Similitudes
Ruth apRoberts

Textual Juxtaposition and the Comparative Study of Biblical and Ancient Near Eastern Literature
Stephen A. Geller

Recurrence and Sublimation: Toward a Psychoanalytic Approach to Biblical Narrative
Yael S. Feldman

Between the Bible and Torah
Francis Landy

Reading as Empowerment: The Bible from a Feminist Perspective
Mieke Bal

Rereading Eve and Other Women: The Bible in a Women's Studies Course
Ruth Adler

Why I Don't Begin with Genesis
Herbert N. Schneidau

Teaching Genres and Individual Texts

Genealogy as a Code in Genesis
Edward L. Greenstein

The Flood Story: Four Literary Approaches
John Maier

The Narrative Mirror of Exodus 32: A Critique of the Philosophers' God
Herbert J. Levine

The Prophetic Literature of the Hebrew Bible
Adele Berlin

Teaching Psalm 23
Raymond-Jean Frontain

A Way of Teaching Job
Robert E. Simmons

Folktale Form and National Theme, with Particular Reference to Ruth
Alexander Globe

Sensual or Sublime: On Teaching the Song of Songs
Marc Brettler

Works Cited

English Versions and Translations

Special English Editions

Scholarly, Critical, and Miscellaneous Works


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