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Teaching Law and Literature

Editor(s): Austin Sarat, Cathrine O. Frank, Matthew Anderson

Pages: viii & 510 pp.
Published: 2011
ISBN: 9781603290937 (paperback)
ISBN: 9781603290920 (cloth)

"Students in undergraduate humanities courses will benefit from studying the way legal realities help shape and inform literary works. Law teachers may usefully assign chapters from the text to explore law’s narrative drama."
Richard Sherwin, New York Law School

This volume provides a resource for teachers interested in learning about the field of law and literature and shows how to bring its insights to bear in their classrooms, both in the liberal arts and in law schools. Essays in the first section, “Theory and History of the Movement,” provide a retrospective of the field and look forward to new developments. The second section, “Model Courses,” offers readers an array of possibilities for structuring courses that integrate legal issues with the study of literature, from The Canterbury Tales to current prison literature. In “Texts,” the third section, guidance is provided for teaching not only written documents (novels, plays, trial reports) but also cultural objects: digital media, Native American ceremonies, documentary theater, hip-hop. The volume’s contributors investigate what constitutes law and literature and how each informs the other.

Philip Auslander
Ayelet Ben-Yishai
Mary Flowers Braswell
Peter Brooks
Kieran Dolin
Florence Dore
Alex Feerst
David H. Fisher
Nan Goodman
Chaya Halberstam
Susan Sage Heinzelman
Peter C. Herman
Diane Hoeveler
Harold Joseph
Valerie Karno
Lenora Ledwon
Nancy S. Marder
Bridget M. Marshall
Alyce Miller
D. Quentin Miller
Harriet Murav
Victoria Myers
Linda Myrsiades
Jacqueline O’Connor
Julie Stone Peters
Greg Pingree
Ravit Reichman
Lisa Rodensky
Hilary Schor
Richard Schur
Caleb Smith
Cristine Soliz
Simon Stern
Nomi Stolzenberg
Brook Thomas
Zoe Trodd
Elliot Visconsi
Patricia D. Watkins
Richard H. Weisberg
Robert Weisberg
Robin West
James Boyd White
Theodore Ziolkowski

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