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Approaches to Teaching Boccaccio's Decameron

Editor(s): James H. McGregor

Pages: ix & 207 pp.
Published: 2000
ISBN: 9780873527613

"The need for this volume is obvious. The Decameron has arrived. It is now widely read and studied in all kinds of undergraduate courses, and it is an ideal text to study the techniques of fiction, the ways in which texts influence or echo other texts (as well as interact with other artistic media), and the vexing questions of gender."
James V. Mirollo, author of Mannerism and Renaissance Poetry: Concept, Mode, Inner Design

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"What separates the Decameron from most of the canon is that it is fun to read," says the editor in his preface to this volume. "Though its narrators sometimes weep, they laugh much more often." Boccaccio's highly teachable work is easily excerpted, and the essays in this collection describe stimulating ways to introduce these tales to undergraduates.

Table of Contents

Approaches to Teaching Boccaccio's Decameron

Part 1: Materials
James H. McGregor

Editions and Translations

Required and Recommended Reading for Undergraduates

The Instructor's Library

Reference Works
Biographies and Background Works
Critical Studies
Collection of Essays

Audiovisual and Electronic Resources

Part 2: Approaches

Introduction: The Decameron in the Classroom

Teaching the Decameron in Its Traditions
Narrative in the Decameron and the Thousand and One Nights
Bonnie D. Irwin

Non-Christian People and Spaces in the Decameron
Janet Levarie Smarr

Boccaccio's Hidden Debt to Dante
Robert Hollander

The Decameron's Secular Designs
Julia Reinhard Lupton

Patterns of Meaning in the Decameron
Michael Papio

Teaching the Decameron in a Historical Context
Steven M. Grossvogel

Reflections on the Criticism of the Decameron
Giuseppe Mazzotta

Gender and Sexuality in the Decameron

Women in the Decameron
F. Regina Psaki

Medieval Fantasies: Other Worlds and the Role of the Other in the Decameron
Marga Cottino-Jones

Anatomizing Boccaccio's Sexual Festivity
Raymond-Jean Frontain

The Influence of the Decameron

The Decameron and the Canterbury Tales
Robert W. Hanning

The Novella Tradition in Italy after Boccaccio
James H. McGregor

From the Decameron to the Heptaméron
Aldo Scaglione

The Decameron in Spain
Robert E. Bayliss

The Decameron and Italian Renaissance Comedy
Angelo Mazzocco and Elizabeth H. D. Mazzocco

Boccaccio and the Visual Arts

Early Portraits of Boccaccio: A Doorway to the Decameron
Victoria Kirkham

The Decameron on Film
Kevin J. Harty

The Decameron Web: Teaching a Classic as Hypertext at Brown University
Massimo Riva

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