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African American Literature Collection
The African American Literature Collection contains five Approaches to Teaching volumes (click on each title to get book information). MLA members receive a 20% discount on Approaches collections.

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Afro-American Literature
The Reconstruction of Instruction
This book is devoted exclusively to critical discussions of Afro-American literature and focuses specifically on critical issues that are especially pertinent to designing courses in Afro-American literature. ... more info

Editor(s): Dexter Fisher, Robert B. Stepto

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Approaches to Teaching Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass
One of the most frequently taught slave narratives, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass is assigned in many courses, including American and African American literature, African American studies, women's... more info

Editor(s): James C. Hall

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Approaches to Teaching Ellison's Invisible Man
Teachers of Invisible Man differ about which aspect of Ralph Ellison's novel deserves the most emphasis. According to Susan Resneck Parr, a coeditor of this volume, "some [teachers] argue that... more info

Editor(s): Susan Resneck Parr, Pancho Savery

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Approaches to Teaching Hurston's Their Eyes Were Watching God and Other Works
"A worthwhile pick for literary collections." Midwest Book Review "The strength of this volume is that it presents Hurston's work from a variety of perspectives and thus conveys to teachers... more info

Editor(s): John Lowe

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Approaches to Teaching the Novels of Toni Morrison
Teachers started assigning the novels of Toni Morrison long before she won the 1993 Nobel Prize in literature and before there was a significant body of secondary literature on the... more info

Editor(s): Nellie Y. McKay, Kathryn Earle

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Approaches to Teaching Stowe's Uncle Tom's Cabin
Although rarely found on college syllabi just two decades ago, Uncle Tom's Cabin is (according to an MLA survey) one of the most frequently named additions to nineteenth-century American literature... more info

Editor(s): Elizabeth Ammons, Susan Belasco

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Approaches to Teaching Wright's Native Son
Richard Wright predicted that Bigger Thomas, his most powerful literary creation, would become "a symbolic figure of American life, a figure who would hold within him the prophecy of our... more info

Editor(s): James A. Miller

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Literary Research Guide
An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in English Literary Studies (Fifth Edition)
Selected as an Outstanding Academic Title for 2008 by Choice and as one of the Times Literary Supplement's Books of the... more info

Author(s): James L. Harner

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Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates
Teaching Contemporary Theory to Undergraduates shows readers how theory can, in the words of William E. Cain, enable teachers and students "to illuminate anew the structure of texts, to write... more info

Editor(s): Dianne F. Sadoff, William E. Cain

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