The MLA Staff

To contact an MLA staff member by e-mail at, please use the first initial and the surname. For example, to reach Jane Smith, you would write to

ROSEMARY G. FEAL, Executive Director

Office of the Executive Director

  • Carol S. Zuses, Coordinator of Governance and Assistant to the Executive Director
  • June DiMarzo, Assistant to the Executive Director
  • Stacy Hartman, Project Coordinator, Connected Academics

Administration and Finance

  • Terrence Callaghan, Director of Administration and Finance

Financial Operations

  • Arlene M. Barnard, Controller
  • Bill Yeung, Financial Analyst
  • Sabrina Flagler, Payroll Coordinator
  • Geraldine S. Betencourt, Assistant, Accounting Operations
  • Diana M. Gilchrist, Assistant, Accounting Operations
  • Jennifer Mui Wu, Assistant, Accounting Operations

Member and Customer Services

  • Leonard J. Moreton, Manager, Member and Customer Services
  • Lorna C. Reid, Assistant Manager, Member and Customer Services
  • Cindy S. Cohen, Coordinator of Member and Customer Communications
  • Michael J. Reilly, Administrative Assistant and Coordinator of Convention Registration
  • Edwin J. Gunn, Administrative Assistant
  • Keith M. O’Dea, Administrative Assistant
  • Elga Y. Yorke, Administrative Assistant

Personnel and Office Management

  • Marcia E. Henry, Permissions and Contracts Manager
  • Raquel Cortés, Word Processor and Administrative Services Assistant
  • Brenda A. Sample, Administrative Services Assistant and Mailroom Clerk

Bibliographic Information Services

  • Barbara A. Chen, Director of Bibliographic Information Services and Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Mary Onorato, Associate Director of Bibliographic Information Services
  • Gregory M. Grazevich, Associate Editor and Senior Thesaurus Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Brigitte A. Agna, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Daniel C. Connor, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Aaron E. Davis, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Emma P. Marciano, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Julie Frick Wade, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Martin York, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Peter E. Zimmermann, Senior Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Cameron Bardrick, Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Yüksel Duman, Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Claire Leich-Galland, Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • William N. Ostrow, Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Edward H. Willis, Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Ari Borrell, Associate Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Katsuyo Motoyoshi, Associate Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Farrah Lehman Den, Assistant Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Amanda Kerbel, Assistant Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Jennifer Nelson, Assistant Index Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Tianqi Robyn Yang, Indexer, MLA International Bibliography
  • Christopher Monell, Thesaurus Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • Angela Ecklund, Associate Thesaurus Editor and Tutorial Producer, MLA International Bibliography
  • Chrysula Norway, Associate Thesaurus Editor, MLA International Bibliography
  • David W. Wright, Editor, Directory of Periodicals
  • Helen Slavin, Coordinator of Contributing Scholars Programs and Administrative Assistant
  • Zachary Tomlinson, Administrative Assistant

Information Systems

  • Micki Kaufman, Director of Information Systems
  • David W. Hodges, Senior Technologist

Data Design

  • Kinglen L. Wang, Head of Data Design
  • Mei Chu, Project Leader, Database Application Design and Development
  • Daniel Bokser, Database Coordinator
  • Beverly J. Celusak, Programmer
  • Cecily M. Tai, Programmer

Online Production

  • Tom Lewek, Head of Online Production
  • Sandy McVetty, Production Associate
  • Judy Strassberg, Production Assistant

Print Production

  • Judith H. Altreuter, Head of Print Production
  • David F. Cope, Senior Typesetter
  • Laurie Russell, Senior Proofreader

Software Development

  • Chris Zarate, Head of Software Development
  • Alfredo DeMatteis, Web Developer
  • Eric Knappe, Web Developer
  • Ryan Williams, Web Developer

Systems and Networks

  • Neil J. Balavram, Head of Systems and Networks
  • Patrick Jean, Systems Administrator
  • Charles Ornegri, Metadata Administrator


  • Siovahn Walker, Director of Outreach


  • Anna S. A. Chang, Head of Communications
  • Jacqueline Lerescu, Outreach and Development Coordinator

Convention Programs

  • Karin L. Bagnall, Head of Convention Programs
  • Anastasia M. Courtney, Senior Convention Manager
  • Deirdre Henry, Coordinator of Allied Programs
  • Hagar Bermudez, Administrative Assistant

Promotion and Sales

  • Kathleen M. Hansen, Head of Promotion and Sales
  • Pamela Roller, Senior Designer
  • Chéri A. Smith, Advertising Manager


  • Dennis Looney, Director of Programs and ADFL
  • David C. Goldberg, Associate Director of Programs and ADFL
  • Douglas W. Steward, Associate Director of Programs and ADE
  • Mara Naaman, Assistant Director of Programs
  • Annie M. Reiser, Administrative Assistant, Programs and Research, and Coordinator of Book Prizes


  • David E. Laurence, Director of Research and ADE
  • Natalia Lusin, Associate Director of Research
  • Stephen T. Olsen, Associate Director of Research and Manager of Digital Services
  • Roy S. Chustek, Senior Administrative Assistant, Research, and Coordinator of the Job Information Service

Scholarly Communication

  • Kathleen Fitzpatrick, Associate Executive Director and Director of Scholarly Communication
  • Angela L. Gibson, Associate Director of Scholarly Communication and Head of Book and Online Publications
  • Sara Pastel, Head of Periodical Publications
  • Eric R. Wirth, Head of Editorial Services and Associate Managing Editor, PMLA
  • Nicky Agate, Managing Editor, MLA Commons
  • James C. Hatch, Senior Acquisitions Editor
  • Katherine Kim, Assistant Acquisitions Editor
  • Michael Kandel, Associate Editor
  • C. Barney Latimer, Associate Editor
  • Christiane Angeli, Assistant Editor
  • John D. Golbach, Assistant Editor
  • Jennifer A. Rappaport, Assistant Editor
  • Annabel B. Schneider, PMLA Advertising Manager and Submissions Associate
  • Rafael Fonseca, Editorial Assistant
  • Laura Kiernan, Editorial Assistant
  • Susana Sevilla Aho, Project Coordinator, Humanities Commons