Delegate Assembly Organizing Committee

Function: Prepares the agenda for Delegate Assembly meetings; receives, initiates, and reports on resolutions and motions to be brought before the assembly; establishes ad hoc committees to investigate matters of concern to the assembly; nominates candidates for the Delegate Assembly’s Elections Committee; and works closely with the Executive Council and the staff on matters relating to the activities and future directions of the association. Committee members serve ex officio or are elected either by the Delegate Assembly or by the Executive Council. See the MLA constitution (article 11.C) for details.

Staff liaison: Carol Zuses (

Angelika Bammer, 2016–Jan. 2020
Gaurav G. Desai, 2014–Jan. 2018
Rosemary G. Feal, 2002–
Lenora Hanson, 2016–Jan. 2018
Cheryl Narumi Naruse, 2016–Jan. 2019
Margaret A. Noodin, 2014–Jan. 2017; 2016–Jan. 2017 (Ch.)
Susan Solomon, 2014–Jan. 2017
Shaden M. Tageldin, 2015–Jan. 2018
Diana Taylor, 2016–Jan. 2017
Vicky Unruh, 2015–Jan. 2017
Heather Willis Allen, 2016–Jan. 2019