MLA Officers and Members of the Executive Council

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Standing (left to right): Appiah, Higonnet, Unruh, Feal, Koepnick, Apter, Krebs, Palumbo-Liu, Desai, Sharpley-Whiting, Ali. Seated (left to right): Sullivan, Croxall, Hall, Taylor, Kitchiner, Greene. Not pictured: Schwartz Crane. Photo by Daniel Root.

Function: The officers and other members of the Executive Council are elected by the MLA membership and have fiduciary and administrative responsibility for the association.

Staff liaison: Carol Zuses (

President: Roland Greene
First Vice President: Kwame Anthony Appiah
Second Vice President: Diana Taylor
Executive Director: Rosemary G. Feal

Samer M. Ali, 2012–Jan. 2016
Emily Apter, 2015–Jan. 2019
Brian Croxall, 2014–Jan. 2018
Gaurav G. Desai, 2014–Jan. 2018
Donald E. Hall, 2013–Jan. 2017
Margaret R. Higonnet, 2014–Jan. 2018
Lanisa Kitchiner, 2012–Jan. 2016
Lutz Koepnick, 2012–Jan. 2016
Paula M. Krebs, 2013–Jan. 2017
David Palumbo-Liu, 2015–Jan. 2019
Elizabeth Schwartz Crane, 2015–Jan. 2017
Tracy Denean Sharpley-Whiting, 2014–Jan. 2018
Mecca Jamilah Sullivan, 2012–Jan. 2016
Vicky Unruh, 2015–Jan. 2019