Program Committee

Function: Advises the Executive Council on planning for the annual convention; exercises general supervision over forums; assists the executive director with planning or approving plenaries and other special events at the convention.

Staff liaisons: Karin L. Bagnall and Kathleen Fitzpatrick (

Cheryl E. Ball, 2014–17
Beverly Lyon Clark, 2016–19
Stefani Engelstein, 2016–19
Rosemary G. Feal, 2002– (Ch.)
Barbara Fuchs, 2016–19
Laura Green, 2015–18
Tara Green, 2016–19
Salah D. Hassan, 2014–17
Edward B. Kamens, 2015–18
Kellie Robertson, 2014–17
Elizabeth Scala, 2015–18
Subramanian Shankar, 2015–18
Richard H. Watts, 2014–17