Committee on Academic Freedom and Professional Rights and Responsibilities

Function: Addresses the general conditions of the professional lives of teachers and scholars, including the conditions of their employment and their rights and responsibilities; reviews concerns of MLA members but cannot investigate or intervene in individual grievances; initiates relevant projects and publications; advises on the MLA Job Information Service.

Staff liaison: Dennis Looney (

Cristina León Alfar, 2015–18
Heather L. Colburn, 2016–19
Laura Goldblatt, 2016–19
Andrea Kaston Tange, 2015–18
Christopher John Newfield, 2014–17; 2015–17 (Ch.)
Maria Teresa Ramos-Garcia, 2014–17
Mary Wildner-Bassett, 2015–18

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Academic Freedom

Staffing, Salaries, and the Job Search



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