Committee on Contingent Labor in the Profession

Function: Working through June 2019, will consider a range of issues that affect teachers of modern languages and literatures in institutions of higher education who hold non-tenure-track appointments (e.g., salary and benefits, workplace issues and conditions of employment, demographics, participation in departmental and institutional governance, academic freedom, professional development); will collect information useful to individuals and departments and identify effective policies and practices; will organize convention sessions and consider proposing association publications and other projects that will address the concerns of non-tenure-track faculty members and the departments that employ them.

Staff liaisons: Nicky Agate and David Laurence (

Ali Behdad, 2016–19
Mary-Beth Brophy, 2015–18
William Christopher Brown, 2016–19
Cynthia A. Current, 2014–17; 2016–17 (Ch.)
Pamela Herron, 2014–17
Veronica Popp, 2015–18
Andrew Yale, 2014–17

Committee Resources