Steering Committee on New Structures for Languages in Higher Education

Function: Working through June 2014, will establish the joint MLA-ADFL outreach program that aims to serve departments and faculty members in languages other than English. The outreach program will include such elements as a consultancy service; campus visits by field representatives whom the committee will select; special workshops, seminars, or conference presentations on relevant topics (e.g., curricular redesign, assessment); and mechanisms for disseminating MLA and ADFL reports, policies, and guidelines.

  • Staff liaisons: Rosemary G. Feal and Dennis Looney (

  • Dawn E. Bratsch-Prince

  • Patrick M. Bray

  • Debra Ann Castillo

  • Jane Hacking (Coch.)

  • Catherine Porter (Coch.)

  • Karin C. Ryding

  • Timothy Jon Scheie

  • Lynne Tatlock