Current Editors of New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare Volumes in Progress

General Editors

  • Richard A. J. Knowles, University of Wisconsin, Madison

  • Paul Werstine, University of Western Ontario

  • Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada, Reno

Volume Editors

All’s Well That Ends Well

  • Jay Halio, University of Delaware, Newark. Editor

  • Melissa Aaron, California State Polytechnic University. Assistant Editor

  • John A. Quintus. Assistant Editor


  • Maurice Hunt, Baylor University. Editor

  • Christopher P. Baker, Armstrong Atlantic State University. Assistant Editor

  • Gabriel Egan, Loughborough University. Assistant Editor

  • Grace Tiffany, Western Michigan University. Assistant Editor


  • Eric Rasmussen, University of Nevada, Reno. Editor

  • Hardin Aasand, Indiana University–Purdue University. Assistant Editor

  • Frank N. Clary, St. Michael’s College. Assistant Editor

  • Marvin W. Hunt, North Carolina State University. Assistant Editor

  • Laury Magnus, United States Merchant Marine Academy. Assistant Editor

Henry V

  • M. J. Kidnie, University of Western Ontario. Editor

Julius Caesar

  • M. L. Stapleton, Indiana University–Purdue University. Editor

  • Sarah K. Scott, Mount St. Mary’s University. Assistant Editor

King Lear

  • Richard A. J. Knowles, University of Wisconsin, Madison. Editor

  • Kevin Donovan, Middle Tennessee State University. Associate Editor

  • Paula Glatzer, Independent Scholar. Assistant Editor

The Merry Wives of Windsor

  • Michael Steppat, Universität Bayreuth. Editor

Midsummer Night’s Dream

  • Judith Kennedy, St. Thomas University. Editor

  • Richard Kennedy, St. Thomas University. Editor

  • Susan May, Longwood University. Assistant Editor

  • Roberta Barker, Dalhousie University. Assistant Editor

  • David Nicol, Dalhousie University. Assistant Editor


  • Joseph Porter, Duke University. Editor

  • Christopher E. McGee, St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo. Editor

  • Jill Levenson, Trinity College, University of Toronto. Assistant Editor for Stage History


  • Dieter Mehl, University of Bonn. Editor

  • Christa Jansohn, Otto Friedrich Universität, Bamberg. Editor

Romeo and Juliet

  • Paul Werstine, University of Western Ontario. Editor

The Taming of the Shrew

  • Keir Elam, Istituto di Lingua e Letteratura Inglese, Università degli Studi di Bologna. Editor

  • Fernando Cioni, Istituto di Lingua e Letteratura Inglese, Università di Firenze. Editor

  • Antonia Forster. University of Akron. Assistant Editor

The Tempest

  • Andrew Gurr, University of Reading. Editor

  • Christine Dymkowski, University of London. Assistant Editor

  • Christopher Wilson, University of Hull. Assistant Editor

  • Christopher Hardman, University of Reading. Assistant Editor

Titus Andronicus

  • William P. Williams, University of Akron. Editor

  • Matteo A. Pangallo, Bates College. Assistant Editor

Twelfth Night

  • James M. Schiffer, State University of New York, New Paltz. Editor

  • Walter Cannon, Central College. Assistant Editor

  • Gayle Gaskill, St. Catherine’s University. Assistant Editor

  • Duncan Salkeld, University of Chichester. Assistant Editor

  • Dorothy Boerner, Independent Scholar. Assistant Editor

Two Gentlemen of Verona

  • Gabriel Egan, De Montfort University, Editor

  • Patricia Derrick, University of Pittsburgh, Johnstown. Assistant Editor

  • Dana E. Aspinall, Assumption College. Assistant Editor