Forums (formerly divisions and discussion groups) are groups that represent areas of scholarly and professional interests for MLA members. When members join or renew, they may choose up to five primary forum affiliations for the membership year. A primary forum affiliation entitles a member to receive all mailings initiated by the forum and to vote for members of its executive committee. MLA members also have the option of participating in as many forum groups on MLA Commons as they wish; however, joining or leaving a Commons group does not affect primary affiliation selections, which can be changed only during the join or renew process. 

Those applying for membership will be asked which of the following MLA forums they wish to join. The number at the end of each forum listing is an identifying number that is used to record forum registration in the membership database.

Comparative Literary and Cultural Studies [CLCS]

CLCS Medieval (D001)
CLCS Renaissance and Early Modern (D002)
CLCS 18th-Century (D005)
CLCS Romantic and 19th-Century (D003)
CLCS 20th- and 21st-Century (D004)
CLCS Arthurian (G003)
CLCS Celtic (G007)
CLCS Classical and Modern (G008)
CLCS European Regions (D034)
CLCS Global Anglophone (D033)
CLCS Global Arab and Arab American (G101)
CLCS Global Hispanophone (G102)
CLCS Global Jewish (G020)
CLCS Global South (G152)
CLCS Hemispheric American (G103)
CLCS Mediterranean (G035)
CLCS Nordic (G037)

Genre Studies [GS]

GS Children’s and Young Adult Literature (D074)
GS Comics and Graphic Narratives (G050)
GS Drama and Performance (D008)
GS Folklore, Myth, and Fairy Tale (G012)
GS Life Writing (D077)
GS Nonfiction Prose (D010)
GS Poetry and Poetics (D011)
GS Prose Fiction (D012)
GS Speculative Fiction (G038)
GS Travel Writing (G045)

Higher Education and the Profession [HEP]

HEP Community Colleges (G046)
HEP Part-Time and Contingent Faculty Issues (G030)
HEP Teaching as a Profession (D050)

Languages, Literatures, and Cultures [LLC]


LLC African to 1990 (D015)
LLC African since 1990 (D089)


LLC Early American (D017)
LLC 19th-Century American (D018)
LLC Late-19th- and Early-20th-Century American (D019)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century American (D020)
LLC African American (D076)
LLC Asian American (D082)
LLC Chicana and Chicano (D084)
LLC Indigenous Literatures of the United States and Canada (D080)
LLC Italian American (G018)
LLC Jewish American (G019)
LLC Latina and Latino (G100)
LLC Literatures of the United States in Languages Other Than English (G023)
LLC Southern United States (G043)


LLC Arabic (D087)


LLC East Asian (D016)
LLC South Asian and South Asian Diasporic (G042)
LLC West Asian (G047)


LLC Canadian (G005)


LLC Catalan Studies (G006)


LLC Ming and Qing Chinese (G202)
LLC Modern and Contemporary Chinese (G203)


LLC Dutch (G027)


LLC Old English (D021)
LLC Middle English (D022)
LLC Chaucer (D023)
LLC 16th-Century English (D024)
LLC Shakespeare (D025)
LLC 17th-Century English (D026)
LLC Restoration and Early-18th-Century English (D027)
LLC Late-18th-Century English (D028)
LLC English Romantic (D029)
LLC Victorian and Early-20th-Century English (D030)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century English and Anglophone (D032)


LLC Medieval French (D051)
LLC 16th-Century French (D052)
LLC 17th-Century French (D053)
LLC 18th-Century French (D054)
LLC 19th-Century French (D055)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century French (D056)
LLC Francophone (D057)


LLC Galician (G150)


LLC German to 1700 (D058)
LLC 18th- and Early-19th-Century German (D059)
LLC 19th- and Early-20th-Century German (D060)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century German (D061)


LLC Hebrew (G015)


LLC Hungarian (G016)


LLC Irish (G001)


LLC Medieval and Renaissance Italian (D062)
LLC 17th-, 18th-, and 19th-Century Italian (D063)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century Italian (D079)


LLC Japanese to 1900 (G204)
LLC Japanese since 1900 (G205)


LLC Korean (G151)

Latin American

LLC Colonial Latin American (D078)
LLC 19th-Century Latin American (D064)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century Latin American (D065)
LLC Cuban and Cuban Diasporic (G031)
LLC Mexican (G026)
LLC Puerto Rican (G034)


LLC Occitan (G033)

Old Norse

LLC Old Norse (G028)


LLC Global Portuguese (G024)
LLC Luso-Brazilian (D073)


LLC Romanian (G036)


LLC Scottish (G039)


LLC Sephardic (G040)


LLC Russian and Eurasian (D066)
LLC Slavic and East European (G041)

Spanish and Iberian

LLC Medieval Iberian (D067)
LLC 16th- and 17th-Century Spanish and Iberian Drama (D071)
LLC 16th- and 17th-Century Spanish and Iberian Poetry and Prose (D068)
LLC 18th- and 19th-Century Spanish and Iberian (D069)
LLC 20th- and 21st-Century Spanish and Iberian (D070)


LLC Yiddish (G048)

Language Studies and Linguistics [LSL]

LSL Applied Linguistics (D044)
LSL General Linguistics (G013)
LSL Germanic Philology and Linguistics (G014)
LSL Global English (G032)
LSL Language and Society (D042)
LSL Language Change (D045)
LSL Linguistics and Literature (D036)
LSL Romance Linguistics (G010)
LSL Second-Language Teaching and Learning (D047)

Media Studies [MS]

MS Opera and Musical Performance (G029)
MS Screen Arts and Culture (D009)
MS Sound (G025)
MS Visual Culture (D041)

Rhetoric, Composition, and Writing Studies [RCWS]

RCWS Creative Writing (G153)
RCWS History and Theory of Composition (D081)
RCWS History and Theory of Rhetoric (D090)
RCWS Literacy Studies (G104)
RCWS Writing Pedagogies (D049)

Theory and Method [TM]

TM Bibliography and Scholarly Editing (G004)
TM Book History, Print Cultures, Lexicography (G022)
TM Language Theory (D043)
TM Libraries and Research (G051)
TM Literary and Cultural Theory (G105)
TM Literary Criticism (D014)
TM The Teaching of Literature (D048)

Transdisciplinary Connections [TC]

TC Age Studies (G049)
TC Anthropology and Literature (D035)
TC Cognitive and Affect Studies (D088)
TC Digital Humanities (D046)
TC Disability Studies (D085)
TC Ecocriticism and Environmental Humanities (G106)
TC History and Literature (G216)
TC Law and the Humanities (G021)
TC Marxism, Literature, and Society (D040)
TC Medical Humanities and Health Studies (G107)
TC Memory Studies (G108)
TC Philosophy and Literature (D037)
TC Popular Culture (D013)
TC Postcolonial Studies (D086)
TC Psychology, Psychoanalysis, and Literature (D038)
TC Race and Ethnicity Studies (D007)
TC Religion and Literature (D039)
TC Science and Literature (D072)
TC Sexuality Studies (D075)
TC Translation Studies (G044)
TC Women’s and Gender Studies (D006)