Fall 2004 Newsletter Table of Contents

MLA NewsletterFall 2004

In This Issue

1 Phyllis Franklin, Executive Director Emerita, 1932-2004
3 President's ColumnRobert ScholesSome interesting developments
4 Editor's ColumnRosemary G. FealMapping languages in the United States
6 Report on the 2003-04 Job Information List
17 New Director of Foreign Language Programs and of ADFL
21 The MLA Language Map
6 MLA Bibliography announces new distributors
23 Field bibliographers invited
18 Call for contributions and ideas for Options for Teaching volume
18 Call for essay proposals for Options for Teaching volume
18 Call for contributions in Approaches series
19 Call for essays on teaching languages and literature online
19 Enhanced CD available for Disability Studies: Enabling the Humanities
19 Three new MLA titles published
22 MLA committee meetings, October 2004-May 2005
12 Accommodations and services for persons with disabilities
12 Program available for members with visual impairments
12 Job clinic on business, government, and not-for-profit careers
12 Meeting times for allied organizations
13 MLA to meet in Philadelphia for its 120th annual convention
14 Child care arrangements
14 Travel assistance for advanced graduate students
15 Using the MLA Job Information Center
15 2004 convention invitation
16 Calls for papers for 2005 convention in Washington
17 ADE- and ADFL-sponsored sessions for job candidates
and interviewers
2 2004 election ballot to be mailed
11 Request for comments on Delegate Assembly resolutions
11 Proposed amendments to the MLA constitution
12 Nominations for 2005 division executive committee elections
20 MLA Award for Lifetime Scholarly Achievement
20 Phyllis Franklin Award for Public Advocacy of the Humanities
20 Competition open for MLA book awards
2 Convention registration
18 PMLA special topic: Cities
18 Electronic PMLA
Other News and Announcements
22 Letters on members' teaching awards sought
22 Honorary members and fellows
22 MLA fund subsidizes dues
23 Classified advertisements
23 Fellowships and grants deadlines
23 MLA policy on membership mailing-list rentals
24 Upcoming MLA deadlines