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MLA NewsletterSpring 2005

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1 2004 Election Results 3 President's Column
Domna C. Stanton
A sense of activism
4 Editor's Column
Rosemary G. Feal
A conversation with Bruce Cole, chairman of the National Endowment for the Humanities
BIBLIOGRAPHY31MLA Bibliography fellowshipsBOOK NEWS6Call for proposals in World Literatures Reimagined series6Call for essay proposals for MLA volume Teaching the Graphic Novel7Two new MLA titles published31Call for contributions in Approaches seriesCOMMITTEES29Scholars at Risk and the MLACONVENTION2 Department chairs' hotel reservations8 Calls for papers for 2005 conventionGOVERNANCE6 Membership ratification vote7Summary of Delegate Assembly actions in PhiladelphiaGRANTS AND PRIZES1Winners of MLA prizes announcedMEETINGS292005 ADE Summer Seminars292005 ADFL Summer SeminarsMLA WEB SITE NEWS28Members' information onlineOther News and Announcements30Correspondence31Classified advertisements3132Upcoming MLA deadlines