Winter 2006 Table of Contents

MLA NewsletterWinter 2006

In This Issue

3 President's ColumnMarjorie PerloffTeaching in the wired classroom
5 Editor's ColumnRosemary G. FealFive things to read before the start of 2007
7 Positions Advertised in the JIL Level Off in 2005-06
12 How to be included in the MLA International Bibliography
13 Three new MLA titles to be published
14 Call for contributions in Approaches
1 Philadelphia convention
8 Recommendations for session presiders
9 Timers at the 2006 convention
9 Accommodations and services for persons with disabilities
10 Forum proposals welcome
10 Audio- and videotaping guidelines for convention sessions
10 Program issue for members with visual impairments
10 2007 calendar of dates and deadlines for special sessions
11 Call for papers for 2007 convention in Chicago
Job Service at the Convention
6 Preconvention workshops and mock job interviews
8 Important information about the Job Information Center
2 Elections committee seeks candidates
6 Proposals for 2006 Delegate Assembly meeting agenda
13 2007 ADE Summer Seminars
13 2007 ADFL Summer Seminars
2 Philadelphia convention sessions available online
Other News and Announcements
2 ADE and ADFL online job counseling
2 Profession 2007 call for papers
14 Classified advertisements
14 Ideas for What's the Word?
15 Fellowships and grants deadlines
16 Upcoming MLA deadlines