New Approaches Volumes in Preparation

You may click on a link below to participate in the development of new volumes in the series Approaches to Teaching World Literature. Please note that the MLA has two methods of book development for this series: online discussion and surveys. If the book you would like to help develop uses the first, a link will take you to a group on MLA Commons, where you can participate in discussion of the project. If it uses the second method, a link will take you to a questionnaire related to the volume. Both systems are designed to gather information helpful to the volume’s editor(s) and also to give participants an opportunity to propose an essay. All participants are acknowledged in the published volumes.

Survey for Approaches to Teaching Plum in the Golden Vase, edited by Andrew Schonebaum

Survey for Approaches to Teaching Austen’s Persuasion, edited by Marcia McClintock Folsom and John Wiltshire

Survey for Approaches to Teaching the Works of Cormac McCarthy, edited by Stacey Peebles and Benjamin West

Survey for Approaches to Teaching the Works of Karen Tei Yamashita, edited by Ruth Y. Hsu and Pamela Thoma