The Winter’s Tale

A New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare

  • Editors: Robert Kean Turner, Virginia Westling Haas
  • Pages: xxvii & 979 pp.
  • Published: 2005
  • ISBN: 9780873522946 (Cloth)
The Winter's Tale Cover
Cloth ($120.00)

“Anyone who still delights in books that are lavishly furnished with scrupulously compiled and generous detail will lose himself with pleasure and profit in this new volume. A highly welcome innovation to the volume is the inclusion of a CD with the complete text of the edition in a PDF file.”

Editionen in der Kritik

This edition, The Winter’s Tale, not only contains the complete text of the play but also presents the expanse of scholarly opinion and interpretation since the earliest commentary. It covers dating, sources, and emendations to stage history and influential interpretations of particular words.

This Variorum volume includes a CD that contains the contents as fully text-searchable PDFs with internal links for easy navigation.

Inaugurated in the 1860s and the standard reference edition of Shakespeare’s work, the New Variorum Edition of Shakespeare continues the tradition of the original Variorum editions of the early nineteenth century. The New Variorum editions are valuable resources for an international audience of scholars, students, directors, actors, and general readers. Overseen by two general editors and an MLA committee, the production of each edition is conducted by a team of scholars and researchers working over a number of years.