Approaches to Teaching Molière’s Tartuffe and Other Plays

  • Editors: James F. Gaines, Michael S. Koppisch
  • Pages: xi & 166 pp.
  • Published: 1995
  • ISBN: 9780873527316 (Cloth)
  • ISBN: 9780873527323 (Paperback)
Approaches to Teaching Molire's Tartuffe and Other Plays Cover

Approaches to Teaching Molière’s Tartuffe and Other Plays includes highly useful . . . background and pedagogical strategies for teaching Molière’s plays. The editors . . . provide a bibliography useful to both French-reading and English-reading publics.”

—Exemplum: The Rhetoric of Example in Early Modern France and Italy

The plays of Molière are immensely popular with both teachers and students, perhaps because, as the editors of this collection of essays observe, they are “immediately accessible despite their being firmly rooted in the French seventeenth-century tradition.” Noted Molière scholars suggest ways to present the plays, focusing on Tartuffe—”an easy play to teach, for beginning students and advanced graduate students alike find it engaging”— and also discussing his other dramatic works.