An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Women’s Poetry from Spain

In English Translation, with Original Text

  • Editor: Anna-Marie Aldaz
  • Translators: Anna-Marie Aldaz, W. Robert Walker
  • Pages: xl & 311 pp.
  • Published: 2008
  • ISBN: 9781603290289 (Paperback)
An Anthology of Nineteenth-Century Women's Poetry from Spain Cover
Paperback ($11.95)

“This volume is a valuable resource not only for courses in Spanish and world literature but for the nonacademic reader as well. It is truly a treasure trove of significant but largely unknown texts, which, as a group, help us reconsider our notions about women’s Spanish-language literary production in the nineteenth century and, indeed, about Spanish nineteenth-century literature in general.”

—Joyce Tolliver, University of llinois, Urbana

“As a resource for the scholar, or simply for those of us interested in nineteenth-century women’s literature, this anthology is, without doubt, of great value.”


“The woman poet . . . must sing, just as birds fly and rivers flow,” wrote Carolina Coronado in 1846. In Spain of that time, a group of women had begun to publish poetry. Their verse—Romantic, predominantly lyric, and often linked to liberal reform—was novel and controversial, because few women had ventured into print. The poets collected in this anthology asserted in different ways their imagination and literary voice.

Susan Kirkpatrick provides an overview of the period, and Anna-Marie Aldaz adds a discussion of Spanish versification as well as biographical sketches of the twenty-one poets whose works bring alive the first decades of women’s emergence as a force in the Spanish literary world.