Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life

  • Editor: Sean P. Murphy
  • Pages: ix & 247 pp.
  • Published: 2008
  • ISBN: 9781603290012 (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9781603290005 (Cloth)
Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life Cover

“The authors of these essays intend to bridge the chasm between ivory tower and real-world academia. . . . In candid, often vivid first-person accounts, they explain how they have not merely made peace with their situation, but thrived.”

Teachers College Record

“I would strongly recommend that any soon-to-be faculty member read the book. It’s good to start thinking about where you might be going before you go there.”

Teaching Professor

For better or for worse, the goal of securing tenure-track assistant professorships frames the graduate school experience for most students. Yet what the graduate experience boasts in scholarly training it lacks in institutional training—that is, in guiding future faculty members to see and experience positively the wide variety of prospective professional identities rooted in assorted academic cultures.

Academic Cultures: Professional Preparation and the Teaching Life gives voice to diversity in postsecondary education, a strength of the system rather than a problem to redress. Contributors, whether they work at a private high school or a public comprehensive university, an open-access institution or a religiously affiliated college, disclose to readers the details and outcomes of their cross-sector transitions. Their accounts show how faculty members from a range of institutions have built rewarding professional lives based on the traditional components of the professoriat—teaching, service, and scholarship.

Douglas Scott Berman
Nancy J. Brown
Jo Ann Buck
Ginny Carney
Robert Chierico
Ellen Cohen
Stephen da Silva
Lynnell Edwards
Heidi Estrem
Fabiola Fernández Salek
MacGregor Frank
Deborah Gill
Ann E. Green
Aeron Haynie
James W. Jones
Mark C. Long
Adrielle Mitchell
Evelyne Norris
Anne Pasero
Carol Rutz
Victoria N. Salmon
Virginia Shen