Chairing the Foreign Language and Literature Department, Part 2

  • Editors: Elizabeth B. Welles, David Goldberg
  • Pages: vi + 137
  • Published: 2001
  • ISBN: 9780873525992 (Paperback)

The intent of this anthology of essays is to provide information and advice to chairs of foreign language departments about prominent changes on the landscape of the field that have entered the chair’s domain since the publication of the first Chairing the Foreign Language and Literature Department. The previous volume was intended as a handbook needed especially by those who had recently assumed the position of department chair. It was a consolidation of much of the thinking about departmental leadership and management that had been the purview of the ADFL seminars and the Bulletin since their inception in 1969 and of the Workshops for New Chairs since 1991. This second volume is meant not to take the place of the first one but, rather, to enrich its already very thick descriptions and well-modulated advice.

Graduate students and faculty members in ADE and ADFL departments can access this issue of the bulletin on the ADFL Web site using their department or MLA-member credentials.