A Critique and Synthesis of Major Theories

  • Author: Timothy W. Crusius
  • Pages: vi + 167
  • Published: 1989
  • ISBN: 9780873521901 (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780873521895 (Cloth)
Discourse Cover

“One of the virtues of Crusius’ study is that. . . .  Crusius brings the [four theories] into a kind of conversation with each other.”

Journal of Advanced Composition

Recommended for all teachers of composition and rhetoric, this volume is the most comprehensive and detailed analysis of recent discourse theory available. In the first part of Discourse, “Analysis of Theories,” Crusius summarizes and analyzes the theories of Kinneavy, Moffet, Britton, and D’Angelo. “A Dialogical Synthesis—and Beyond,” the book’s second part, reveals connections between these seemingly disparate theories and synthesizes the most useful aspects into a view of rhetoric that moves discourse theory in the direction of hermeneutics rather than deconstruction.