Electronic Textual Editing

  • Editors: Lou Burnard, Katherine O'Brien O'Keeffe, John Unsworth
  • Pages: vii + 419 pp.
  • Published: 2006
  • ISBN: 9780873529716 (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780873529709 (Cloth)
Electronic Textual Editing Cover

“This is a most impressive volume. It is the distillation of decades of experience in computing in the humanities by a number of expert witnesses, who themselves have developed the theories of editing and the technological innovations discussed here.”

—Antonette diPaolo Healey, University of Toronto

“The authors’ discussion is worthy of attention, as it raises many of the questions any editor must ask.”


Included with each book is a CD containing the complete text of the Text Encoding Initiative guidelines (P4 edition) in both HTML and PDF formats.

The long history of textual editing and scholarship has been intimately involved with the physique of the book, which set limits on the presentation and study of text. Increasingly, since the 1980s, the written word has taken on a digital form, and the shift from codex to computer, from print to electronic media, creates new opportunities—and new difficulties.

This volume offers an emerging consensus about the fundamental issues of electronic textual editing. It provides practical advice and faces theoretical questions. Its twenty-four essays deal with markup coding and procedures, electronic archive administration, use of standards (such as Unicode), rights and permissions, and the changing and challenging environment of the Internet. Some of the specific texts discussed are Greek and Latin inscriptions, the Gospel of John, the Canterbury Tales, William Blake’s poems and art, Percy Bysshe Shelley’s The Devil’s Walk, Stijn Streuvels’s De teleurgang van den Waterhoek, Ludwig Wittgenstein’s Nachlass, and the papers of Thomas Edison.

The guidelines of the MLA’s Committee on Scholarly Editions, recently revised to address electronic editions, are included in full.

Graham Barwell
Phill Berrie
Dino Buzzetti
Mary Case
Greg Crane
Marilyn Deegan
M. J. Driscoll
Hoyt N. Duggan
Patrick Durusau
Morris Eaves
Paul Eggert
Eileen Gifford Fenton
Julia Flanders
Neil Fraistat
Hans Walter Gabler
David Gants
David Green
Robert Hirst
Claus Huitfeldt
Steven Jones
Kevin Kiernan
John Lavagnino
Anne Mahoney
Jerome McGann
D. C. Parker
Sebastian Rahtz
Peter Robinson
Bob Rosenberg
G. Thomas Tanselle
Chris Tiffin
Edward Vanhoutte
Dirk Van Hulle
Christian Wittern