Helping Students Write Well

A Guide for Teachers in All Disciplines, (2nd edition)

  • Author: Barbara E. Fassler Walvoord
  • Pages: xiii & 253 pp.
  • Published: 1986
  • ISBN: 9780873522014 (Paperback)
Helping Students Write Well Cover
Paperback ($19.75)

Helping Students Write Well has become the standard manual for college instructors seeking to integrate writing into their courses more effectively. The book suggests techniques for responding to student work, guiding student peer groups, and dealing with specific writing problems. Aimed at college faculty members in a variety of disciplines—history, sociology, biology, marketing, psychology, literature, and others—Barbara Walvoord’s lively text provides methods for helping students

  • generate ideas

  • bring topics into focus

  • gather and integrate library information

  • organize reasoning and evidence

  • follow a required format

  • draft, revise, and edit

  • improve style and mechanics

  • compose visual aids

Unique to this edition are seven detailed case histories that describe how teachers in various disciplines have applied Walvoord’s techniques in actual courses.

Helping Students Write Well is an essential tool both for those who teach writing and for those who want to make writing a significant part of their courses.