Leo Spitzer on Language and Literature

A Descriptive Bibliography

  • Authors: E. Kristina Baer, Daisy E. Shenholm
  • Pages: vi + 172
  • Published: 1991
  • ISBN: 9780873521956 (Cloth)
Cloth ($25.00)

“Baer’s introductory essay gives a thorough overview of Spitzer’s career and the development of his ideas. This well-executed work will be an aid to scholars in any of the areas that Spitzer wrote for so actively.”

American Reference Books Annual

One of the most influential critics of the twentieth century, Leo Spitzer (1887–1960) published more than 1,000 books and articles in a number of languages, including Basque, Catalan, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Provençal, Romanian, and Spanish.

Baer and Shenholm have compiled and annotated the first comprehensive bibliography of Spitzer’s scholarship. Researchers will find especially handy the chronology of books and monographs, which lists each item’s contents. The book concludes with indexes of names, titles, and words and phrases.