Literary Studies in the Digital Age: An Evolving Anthology

  • Editors: Kenneth M. Price, Ray Siemens
  • Published: 2013
  • ISBN: 9781603291453 (Digital Publication)
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Literary Studies in the Digital Age, the first born-digital and dynamic open-access anthology to appear on MLA Commons, offers an overview of digital literary studies—defined here as computational approaches to literary studies—and aims to familiarize readers with tools and techniques used in this important and growing field in the digital humanities. In the volume’s core essays, contributors discuss a wide range of topics related to computer-assisted textual analysis, including textual databases (or “textbases”), data mining and visualization, digital scholarly editing, data modeling and maps, and the strategic and also ethical role of the individual in large and complex digital systems. In subsequent contributions and comments, the volume’s readers will chart the field’s future and push the anthology in new directions. The volume also includes a glossary of useful terms.

Collaboration and evolution—key to work in the digital humanities—are built in to the MLA Commons publication platform: readers are invited to create MLA Commons accounts (a benefit of membership in the association) in order to comment on essays, submit their own work, and suggest ideas for future iterations of the volume. The volume is free and accessible to all at