Spanish Golden Age Drama

  • Authors: John J. Reynolds, Szilvia E. Szmuk
  • Pages: vii + 573
  • Published: 1998
  • ISBN: 9780873525701 (Cloth)
Cloth ($35.00)

“Well-prepared and useful, clearly designed for specialized collections serving Hispanists.”


“This bibliography saves a lot of time; at long last in one volume we have the desired information gathered from dozens of sources, none of them as quick and convenient to consult as this. The indexes are comprehensive, and the subject index in particular is excellent.”

—Don W. Cruickshank, University College Dublin

This bibliography compiles over 1,600 doctoral dissertations on the theater of the Spanish Golden Age, including material not found in Dissertation Abstracts International. Part 1 lists dissertations accepted over the last one hundred years in the United States; part 2 lists those written in other countries. Information provided in entries includes the name of the dissertation writer, the title of the dissertation, the number of pages, the institution that granted the degree, the name of the dissertation’s director, the date of submission, the source of the reference, an abstract or clarifying notation, and resultant or related publications.

With its classifications, annotations, and indexes, the volume provides a huge database of bibliographic citations and helps scholars and graduate students choose, or avoid, topics for research.