Teaching Women’s Literature from a Regional Perspective

  • Editors: Leonore Hoffmann, Deborah Rosenfelt
  • Pages: viii + 213
  • Published: 1982
  • ISBN: 9780873523349 (Cloth)
Cloth ($37.50)

“The essays . . . show the extraordinary results . . . that can be achieved when students behave like ‘real’ researchers.”


This collection of essays and materials aims to help teachers design courses in which students use out-of-print books, autobiographies, letters, diaries, memoirs, and oral testimonies by the women of their region.

Susan H. Armitage
Julia Bader
Margaret Jones Bolsterli
Sally Alexander Brett
Ann Cathey Carver
Margo Culley
Barbara Hillyer Davis
Adele Friedman
Rose Gladney
Marge Grevatt
Elizabeth Hampsten
Gloria T. Hull
Douglas Jones
Nan Bauer Maglin
Elizabeth Meese
Alice A. Parker
Ruth O. Saxton
Judith Stitzel