The Chair’s Reference

MLA, ADE, and ADFL Policies, Statements, Recommendations, and Departmental Self-Study Aids

  • Pages: 186 pp.
  • Published: 2009
The Chair's Reference Cover
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This special joint issue of the ADE and ADFL bulletins collects MLA, ADE, and ADFL recommendations, reports, and statements addressing issues of concern across the language and literature profession and the academy generally. It is intended to serve department chairs, faculty members, and students as a convenient reference. The topics, challenges, and problems membership committees have taken up in these documents include the conditions of academic employment, advice for job candidates and hiring committees, the status of digital technology, the task of departmental review, and standards for teaching and scholarship. Two MLA statements—on academic freedom and on professional ethics—frame the contents of this volume because they set the parameters within which faculty members conduct and pursue their teaching and scholarly activities.