The Future of Doctoral Studies in English

  • Editors: Andrea Lunsford, Helene Moglen, James Slevin
  • Pages: xii + 179
  • Published: 1989
  • ISBN: 9780873521857 (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780873521840 (Cloth)
The Future of Doctoral Studies in English Cover

Growing out of a conference of representatives of programs that grant the doctorate in English, this volume examines the profession and the ways that graduate students are socialized into it. The essays sketch the profession’s current views of the relation between reading and writing, addressing, in the words of the preface, “what it is that can now be said to constitute our discipline.”

Paul B. Armstrong
Don H. Bialostosky
Wayne Booth
Paul Cantor
Nancy R. Comley
Jonathan Culler
Geoffrey Green
Bettina J. Huber
Richard A. Lanham
Janice M. Lauer
Richard Lloyd-Jones
Janel Mueller
Robert Scholes
Patricia Meyer Spacks
Jeffrey Spear
Gary Waller
Susan Wolfson