The Right to Literacy

  • Editors: Andrea A. Lunsford, Helene Moglen, James Slevin
  • Pages: iv & 306 pp.
  • Published: 1990
  • ISBN: 9780873521987 (Paperback)
The Right to Literacy Cover
Paperback ($18.00)

“The collection offers a wealth of argument, history, data, theory, and practice for readers of all levels of experience with literacy; reading it is like attending an ideal conference.”

College Composition and Communication

“Literacy is a right and not a privilege: a right that has been denied to an extraordinary number of citizens.” Guided by this belief, the authors of the twenty-nine essays in The Right to Literacy discuss what literacy is, what keeps people from attaining it, and how we can help them attain it.

The essays in this volume were originally presented at the 1988 Right to Literacy Conference in Ohio, an event that brought together a wide variety of literacy workers—school and college teachers, superintendents, principals, tutors, lawyers, community volunteers, researchers, librarians, labor union officials, prison literacy project coordinators, and state humanities council members. Their analyses are provocative, scholarly, often witty, and—most of all—readable.

Kenneth Alston
David Bartholomae
David Bleich
Deanne Bogdan
Deborah Brandt
Miriam P. Camitta
Suzanne Clark
John Clifford
Beth Daniell
Lisa Ede
Andrea R. Fishman
Kathryn Thoms Flannery
Shirley Brice Heath
Thomas Holt
Glynda Hull
C. H. Knoblauch
Maurice Laurence, Jr.
John S. Lofty
Harriet Malinowitz
Keith D. Miller
James Moffett
Anthony Petrosky
Mike Rose
Donald Rothman
Jacqueline Jones Royster
Paula M. Salvio
Charles Schuster
Theodore R. Sizer
J. Elspeth Stuckey
C. Jan Swearingen
Elizabeth A. Vander Lei
Keith Walters
James Thomas Zebroski