Women’s Personal Narratives

Essays in Criticism and Pedagogy

  • Editors: Leonore Hoffmann, Margo Culley
  • Pages: iv + 244
  • Published: 1985
  • ISBN: 9780873523424 (Cloth)
Women's Personal Narratives Cover
Cloth ($37.50)

Using autobiographical sources such as letters, diaries, and oral testimonies, the contributors to this volume suggest possibilities for approaching these materials as literature and introducing them into the classroom. The appendixes include two previously unpublished narratives: the diary of Amelia Buss and the letters of Delina Hopper.

Virginia Walcott Beauchamp
Elouise M. Bell
Joan Olsen Donovan
Alice T. Gasque
Dure Jo Gillikin
Elizabeth Hampsten
Rose Kamel
Susan S. Kissel
Annette Kolodny
Elizabeth A. Meese
John Schilb
Susan Sherman
Judith Stitzel
Susan Ward
Susan Waugh