Teaching Literature and Medicine

  • Editors: Anne Hunsaker Hawkins, Marilyn Chandler McEntyre
  • Pages: viii & 406 pp.
  • Published: 2000
  • ISBN: 9780873523561 (Cloth)
  • ISBN: 9780873523578 (Paperback)

“A rich source of ideas for courses in literature and medicine designed for a variety of student populations and a range of different institutional settings.”

Literature and Medicine

Courses in literature and medicine flourish in undergraduate, medical school, and continuing-education programs throughout the United States and Canada. This volume presents a variety of approaches to the subject. It is intended both for literary scholars and for physicians who teach literature and medicine or who are interested in interdisciplinary breadth.

The essays describe model courses; list readings widely taught in literature and medicine courses; discuss the value of texts in both medical education and the practice of medicine; and provide bibliographic resources, including works in the history of medicine from classical antiquity.