Writing in Multicultural Settings

  • Editors: Carol Severino, Juan C. Guerra, Johnnella E. Butler
  • Pages: xi & 370 pp.
  • Published: 1997
  • ISBN: 9780873525848 (Paperback)
Writing in Multicultural Settings Cover
Paperback (N/A)

“This volume should be on the shelf of any academic library and read by faculty and graduate students who teach writing to diverse student populations and who are themselves representatives of diverse backgrounds.”


The twenty essays and four responses (“cross-talks”) in this volume, the fifth in the Research and Scholarship in Composition series, confront the challenges presented by the racial, ethnic, class, gender, religious, age, and physical-ability differences among today’s writing students. The contributors, who teach in classrooms and writing centers at a variety of private and public institutions, discuss their immersion in students’ discourses and cultures and balance descriptions of their teaching experiences with careful and critical reflection.

The volume begins and ends with sections examining the tensions and conflicts in the classroom; the two sections in between focus more specifically on texts and curricula and on teaching English as a second language. The cross-talk that concludes each section synthesizes and critiques the essays.

Writing in Multicultural Settings is essential, thought-provoking reading for college administrators, writing teachers, and scholars and students in composition studies.