Writing, Teaching, and Learning in the Disciplines

  • Editors: Anne Herrington, Charles Moran
  • Pages: xi + 265
  • Published: 1992
  • ISBN: 9780873525787 (Paperback)
  • ISBN: 9780873525770 (Cloth)
Writing, Teaching, and Learning in the Disciplines Cover

Recent surveys indicate that writing-in-the-disciplines programs have been established or projected by more than one-third of the colleges and universities in the United States. The fourteen essays in this volume chart the history of this interdisciplinary development in both the United States and Great Britain and examine the wide range of forms that writing-in-the-disciplines programs have taken in American higher education. The collection outlines the social, intellectual, and political forces that have shaped the movement; presents perspectives on the programs from disciplines outside English studies; describes the relations among writing, teaching, and learning; and considers the future of the movement.

Michael M. Abbott
Pearl W. Bartelt
Charles Bazerman
James Britton
Charles R. Cooper
Louise Dunlap
Stephen M. Fishman
Toby Fulwiler
Thomas L. Hilgers
Charlotte Honda
Judith A. Langer
Susan Peck MacDonald
Joy Marsella
Nancy Martin
Clemence McLaren
Lee Odell
Jacqueline Jones Royster
David R. Russell
Bonnie B. Spanier