Receiving PMLA

Membership in the MLA includes a subscription to the print edition of PMLA. Each issue of the journal is normally mailed to subscribers during the month before the month of publication. For libraries and other institutions, a subscription in 2015 to the electronic format alone is $200 and to the print and electronic formats is $220 (domestic and Canadian) or $250 (foreign). Subscriptions also include online access to the 2002–14 volumes. For an additional $190, institutional subscribers receive a clothbound edition of the 2015 volume of PMLA. Agents deduct four percent as their fee. Single copies of the current January, March, May, and October issues of PMLA are $12 each. The September (Program) issue is $35. To order current issues, visit the MLA Bookstore or call or write Member and Customer Services, MLA, 85 Broad Street, suite 500, New York, NY 10004-2434 (646 576-5161; To pay for an institutional subscription, call or write Member and Customer Services (646 576-5166;

An online archive of PMLA issues from 1884 up to five years before the present is available through JSTOR (

Volumes up to 2000 can be obtained on microfilm from NA Publishing, Inc. (, PO Box 998, Ann Arbor, MI 48106-0998 (800 420-6272).