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Academic Collective Bargaining
In response to the changing academic labor market, the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and the Modern Language Association (MLA) assembled this 2006 volume on the history and practice of academic collective bargaining. Contributors aim to educate readers about the historical and practical contexts of collective bargaining. The essays collected here explore the perspectives, successes, failures, and approaches of those who have collectively bargained so that readers can assess the pros and cons of unionization.

Contingent Faculty and Student Learning
The Fall 2002 special issue of the Association of American Colleges and Universities' Peer Review.

Exploring the Role of Contingent Instructional Staff in Undergraduate Learning: New Directions for Higher Education, No. 123 Ed. Ernst Benjamin. Jassey-Bass 2003.
Includes the following articles:

  • Jack H. Schuster, "The Faculty Makeover: What Does It Mean for Students?"

  • Robert B. Townsend, "Changing Relationships, Changing Values in the American Classroom"

  • Maureen Murphy Nutting, "Part-Time Faculty: Why Should We Care?"

  • Karen Thompson, "Contingent Faculty and Student Learning: Welcome to the Strativersity"

  • John G. Cross and Edie N. Goldenberg, "How Does University Decision Making Shape the Faculty?"

  • Gary W. Reichard, "The Choices Before Us: An Administrator’s Perspective on Faculty Staffing and Student Learning in General Education Courses"

  • Sandra E. Elman, "A Regional Accreditation Perspective on Contingent Faculty Appointments"

  • Ernst Benjamin, "Reappraisal and Implications for Policy and Research"