Data, Reports, and Surveys

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Number and Growth of Faculty, by Gender and Rank: Selected Years (2001, 2005, 2007)
American Council on Education, 2009

Too Many Rungs on the Ladder? Faculty Demographics and the Future Leadership of Higher Education
American Council on Education, 2008

Gender Differences among Contingent Faculty
Association for Women in Science, 2005.

2004 Physics and Astronomy Academic Workforce
American Institute of Physics, 2005.

Annual Survey of the Mathematical Sciences, 2000–the present
American Mathematical Society.

Reports on faculty and curricula and reports on placement and hiring
Professional Matters Division, American Philological Association.

Academic Relations: The Use of Supplementary Faculty
American Sociological Association, 2004.

The State of the History Department: The 2001–02 AHA Department Survey
Perspectives: The Newsmagazine of the American Historical Association April 2004.

The New Professoriate: Characteristics, Contributions, and Compensation
American Council on Education, 2002.

Who Is Doing The Teaching . . . and How Are They Being Supported? Survey on the Use of Part-Time Instructors Report
American Anthropological Association, 2001

Who Is Teaching In U.S. College Classrooms? A Collaborative Study of Undergraduate Faculty, Fall 1999
Summary data from surveys conducted in 1999 by academic associations participating in the Coalition on the Academic Workforce.

The US Dept. of Education report "Part-Time Instructional Faculty and Staff: Who They Are, What They Do, and What They Think"
US Department of Education, 2002.