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2015–16 Submissions Closing

Please note: The JIL will stop accepting new listings for the 2015–16 publication year on 8 July, and all submitted ads will expire on 29 July when the database closes for the summer. Ads will remain available on the Interfolio site until the ending date specified during submission. 

2016–17 Listings

The JIL will begin accepting new listings for the 2016–17 publication year on 8 August, and the database will reopen for searching on 12 September.

Federal law prohibits discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, creed, sex, age, disability, or national origin. The MLA, at its sole discretion, reserves the right to reject any job listing for any reason. For more information, see the MLA's policy on exhibits and advertisements. The MLA Job Information List reserves the right to edit all statements to conform with such regulations. Statements from foreign language departments requiring that applicants be native speakers of a given language will not be accepted. Phrases such as “native command,” “native fluency,” and “native-level speaker” are acceptable.

MLA Policy on the Reimbursement of Job Seekers

The following policies were recommended by the Delegate Assembly in December 1999 and approved by the MLA Executive Council in February 2000. 
It is MLA policy that: 

  • Departments that require that job applicants send their application materials by express courier reimburse those applicants for the cost of such shipment; and 

  • Departments that require multiple copies of writing samples and other application materials from job applicants reimburse applicants for the cost of duplicating their writing samples and other materials; and 

  • Departments that require books will return them to the applicant; and 

  • Departments that invite job applicants for on-campus interviews reimburse those applicants who accept such invitations for the costs of travel and accommodations incurred when visiting the campus for interviews.