Making Nominations for Honorary Members and Fellows

Article 3.D of the MLA constitution defines the qualifications of honorary members and fellows and describes the process for ratification. The current rosters of honorary members and fellows appear here.

Members who would like to recommend someone for consideration by the Committee on Honors and Awards should write a 500–750-word statement describing the proposed nominee’s contributions and detailing specific qualities or features of the proposed nominee’s record that distinguish it and constitute its originality. They should also compile and submit a 1–2-page list of the proposed nominee’s works and honors or a list of up to five URLs where descriptions and lists of the proposed nominee’s work may be found or both.

This material should be addressed to the Committee on Honors and Awards and must arrive at the headquarters office by 31 January. For further information, write or call the office of programs, MLA, 85 Broad Street, suite 500, New York, NY 10004-2434 (646 576-5141;